We have updated our map with windows that will be lit from 26th December 2020 until 2nd January 2021.  New windows also welcome if you fancy upcycling that wrapping paper 🙂 just email Jen –

Our map will show you each of the window locations. Some pins have more information about the business, the window theme, or perhaps just a Christmas wish.  If you have been inspired to join us, just email Jen ( or direct link under ‘contact’) and we can add you to the map. Don’t forget to share the joy and appreciation for our window artists using #levyxmas and #levyxmaswindows on Social Media. Thank you.

Scroll down to below the map for some great activity sheets to complete whilst you wander the fairy lit trails!

As you are wandering our glorious fairy lit trails use the collectors card below to keep track of how many you have seen. Will you collect to the stocking, the elf, or the present? Draw out your favourite window and send it to us via social media using #levyxmas (perhaps with some grown up support) by 24th December to have a chance of winning a £20 gift token to spend on cake/beer/coffee/vegan and veggie delights as preferred, at the Gherkin.

We would love to hear your favourite routes! Use the sheet above to explain your favourite fairy lit trails. Send them to us on social media (links below, #levyxmas) and we can share them for others to wander too. Thank you!